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Don’t lose out on extra work

concrete line pump hire gold coast

It can be very competitive when you’re a small or medium business in the building, construction and brickwork industries.

And while there are many different fields your business can specialise in as a point of difference, sometimes it’s important to be able to deliver as many services possible to maintain a competitive edge.

It’s not just about relying on your existing skillset, but also finding ways to branch out and achieve more in order to get more business from existing and potential clients.

Most of the different types of work also come hand in hand, but sometimes the jobs can turn out to be bigger or more difficult than your team is equipped for.

If your clients are asking for more than what you can deliver, don’t lose out on extra work because you don’t have all of the right equipment.

Hire a concrete line pump from Precise Masonry for an efficient and reliable means of placing concrete.

Investing a small amount in the hire will prove invaluable when you’ve got a job where a pump is the only way of placing concrete.

This is often the case when you’re working in peculiar locations such as high rise buildings, or large slabs where you can’t reach where the concrete is needed.

Or you may simply want to deliver a more efficient service knowing that the ease and speed of pumping concrete makes it the most economical method of concrete placement.

Our concrete line pump is the most versatile pump for any small to medium sized jobs and is ideal for slabs, columns, block filling and footings.

It features a swing tube valve design and has the capacity to pump out 55 cubic metres per hour and 30 strokes per minute.

Our line pump can be hired and used anywhere from the Gold Coast to Brisbane for an affordable charge out rate.

So don’t lose out on extra work any longer. Simply hire our concrete line pump today to gain extra work and make use of the most efficient and economical method for the job.